August 11, 2012

Project Do: Terrariums!

'Project Do' time! My friend Farmer Cait came over for a visit last weekend and came bearing gifts, including a cute little succulent from the farmers market. With all the hoopla nowadays over succulents and terrariums, I figured it was time I gave it a shot!

First I did some research. I used the Google machine and found a few posts that seemed somewhat helpful. West Elm's Front & Main post was pretty informative (and so cute!), but I really didn't know how to find all of the things they used (activated charcoal & billy buttons?!?). A post over at That's Quirky made a terrarium out of recycled pentagon-shaped light fixture that was pretty neat. However, the posts I found most helpful and inspiring were posts by a friend at her blog (here & here).

Armed with Home Depot giftcards from our wedding, I went shopping. I decided I would do a layer system using pebbles, moss, and cactus soil. Thankfully, Home Depot got the memo that succulents and terrariums are 'the thing' right now, and had a whole section where everything you could ever need for succulent tending and terrarium building near the front of their garden section. I lingered and contemplated how much I needed more succulents, but decided that I should probably make sure my succulent doesn't die before I subject other plants to my wrath.

Cait and I had originally planned on making a terrarium last week when she was here, but we didn't realize how much extra 'stuff' we needed. So in efforts to start the terrarium creation process, we went to Goodwill and found a lovely little glass dish to put my succulent in ($1.99 holla).

With my dish and my Home Depot purchases, I started creating. First the pebbles, then some moss, then some cactus soil. Then I made a little divet in the soil for my succulent. I decided to put some pebbles around the edge to hide the extra soil space that was there.


As I was admiring my newly created terrarium, I had an idea to make a terrarium out of an extra jam-jar goblet my mother-in-law made for our wedding. Doing the same layering system, I created a mini terrarium and I am in. love.


Farmer Cait told me that she was informed that when succulents keep growing, you can take some from the bunch you have, plant it, and it's supposed to grow more! Hooray for gifts that keep on giving! I just need to remember to check the soil moisture every few days and water as necessary!

**I haven't posted a 'Project Do' post in a while, the last time I did was in 2011 (Sewing Kit & Speedy-Carve "Thank You"). It was nice to 'do something' again!

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