April 23, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

Guess what happened this weekend?

We ate brunch, we got our nails did, we bought cupcakes, we checked-in to our awesome suite, we ate dinner, we got surprised by the torrential rain, we got stranded at a CVS in the ghetto, we stood in line in the rain to see Ben Rector & Needtobreathe, we ate cupcakes, we went to the rooftop bar, we took pictures at the White House at 2 in the morning, we ate cupcakes, we ordered pizza, we slept, we woke up, we ate more cupcakes, we ate brunch, we played silly games, I had a mouthful of gum in my mouth, and we collected some pretty cute shoes to donate to a bunch of really deserving girls. Seriously, what could be better?!

Demolished cupcakes

Yeah, I'm pretty blessed.

P.S. Did you find the little link-love gem? Go back and look, there's a great little diddy hidden in there somewhere. First one to comment gets a little present. No seriously. Be the first to find it and I'll send you something fabulous in the mail.

April 18, 2012


When I moved back home in 2010, the first thing I was excited about was school picking up friendships that had been "left" years before. And not only could I 'pick' them back up, but we all had a shared desire to spend once a week together, pouring over the Bible and going through guided studies together to strengthen our walk. (Shout out to Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer & Beth Moore; we loved your Faithful, Abundant, True workbook!)

Meals, birthdays, FCA banquet, basketball tournaments

We prayed for our future husbands together, we did weekly challenges to
push us (my personal faves: week without listening to the radio in the car and praying instead, photo every day of something we're thankful for). When we weren't snacking having bible study, we frequently got together on the weekends and spent time with each other. We celebrated birthdays, grabbed breakfast lunch dinner food, cheered each other on, and supported each other outside of our weekly meetings.

As my weeks wind down here, I am increasingly sad that I will be leaving these lovely girls behind. They have been there for me during the good times, the tough times, the confusing times, the challenging times. They have supported me by praying for me, encouraging me, supporting me. I am forever changed (for the better) by their friendships and look forward to continue our friendships even when I'm in another state! Maybe we could skype-group-date once a week? Too much to ask?

(What about you? Who are the important women in your life that have spurred you on?)

April 12, 2012


Just chillin', circa 1989

Apparently I missed National Sibling Day. So I'm posting now...two days later.

Gosh, I love my brother. He is the best little brother I could have ever asked for. After graduation, my brother (A ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech - a hell of an engineer!) moved home for a baller job and we have been living under the same roof again for the first time in 5 years. It has been such a joy to be back home together. We have been spending our Fridays off together and I have enjoyed every single day of it!

'member when we were tan 24/7? Those were the good ol' days...

Now that I'm getting married, I have to admit I'm going to miss the spontaneous moments of pure ridiculousness/silliness that comes from having a sibling. Thinking back to my childhood, we always knew how to have fun/make fun of mom. We have been known to show up to the same event wearing the exact. same. outfit. We always have each other's backs and are always tying to make sure the other is ok.

I'm going to miss calling him/texting him from the basement (to his room on the 2nd floor) to see if he wants to grab froyo with me. Or a double down from KFC. He doesn't judge my food choices (he actually usually wants the same thing as me), reason #425634 why I love him.

It has been a joy to see my brother grow up to be a wonderful, strong, devoted young man of God. He works 40+ hours a week, and yet devotes his weekends into pouring into kids lives at youth group. It makes this big sister proud to know that he's got his head on straight and his path made straight!

So here's to my little (taller) brother -- please skype me whenever mom/dad says/does something ridiculous, ok?

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Lok!)

Oh and ladies -- this hunk is 110% single. Any takers?
Just so you know though, you have to pass my test first.

April 8, 2012


Every spring, I am reminded of God's love for us and his faithfulness in renewing us every day. This reminder is made especially clear every Easter Sunday, when we gather together to remember that One greater than us became death and defeated death for us - for me - so that we could live.

You have been raised
The tomb has been opened
Nothing can take away our hope in You
You have been raised!