June 30, 2011

Love Language

The fiance & I are two different people (surprise!). A long time ago, when he and I first started working together, we devoted an entire day figuring each other out; we took (multiple) personality tests and a love language test. It was probably the funniest and one of the most important things we did together, as it helped me see and respect him.

My fiance is currently away on a missions trip, and one of the traditions for this trip is for friends & family to write letters for the volunteers to open and read. My love language is words of affirmation; his is physical touch. How do you translate physical touch through a letter?

Like this: "I know that physical touch is your love language, so just rub this letter all over your body."

You're welcome.

June 18, 2011


We were at my fiance's parent's house this afternoon just hanging out watching television. We stopped at this particular channel...

Me: Psst, you realize that we are watching the Oxygen channel, right?

Fiance: Psst, you realize you're interrupting my movie, right??

(In case you were wondering, we were watching "Hope Floats")

June 11, 2011

570+ First Dates

The fiance and I went out for date night yesterday, just because we could (and because he left for a week-long choir tour with the youth this morning).

Every time I hang out with him, I am reminded of how much I love him and why I love him. Every date night we have is like the first date we ever had, except this time he paid...

June 8, 2011


Me: So you have to decide - do you want all of your groomsmen to spend the night at your house, or at your friend's house, or...

Fiance:...what do you mean?

Me: Like after the rehearsal dinner, where do you want all your bros to crash?

Fiance:...I mean, I was just planning on going back to my parent's house and sleeping.

Me:......it's your last day of freedom, your last night to bro-out, and you want to go home and sleep??

Fiance:......the next day is a big day! I need to sleep!