February 20, 2012

(Savannah) Weekend Update

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a quick trip to Savannah back home for a weekend of celebrations.

The first thing we did when I landed was head straight to look at wedding rings (long distance relationship + 1 more trip to Savannah before I get married + 96 days till our wedding day = priorities). I have never looked at so many rings (that all look the same??) in my life. Fun thing about ring shopping: you get to try on rings that you definitely cannot afford (what up ring-more-than-my-bank-account). Bad thing about ring shopping: pretending like I knew the difference between tungsten carbide, cobalt, triton...let's just say asked too often what the "upkeep" was for a ring like "that".

She's a brick...house

We rushed to a 3 o'clock appointment with this lovely named Jan who showed us a house for rent. An hour later, we left with a packet of papers, a little less money in our pocket...and a 3 bedroom/2 bath + fenced in yard to call our home for the next year! The Lord really blessed us immensely in this housing find; everything we wanted and prayed for was provided...and more. How does this keep happening to us??

Dinnertime rolled around and it was time to celebrate the fiance's 25th birthday! Complete with an old-man-Mr.-Rogers cardigan. While at dinner, our waiter noticed that we were having a lot of fun goofing off and enjoying each other's company. Not only did he tell us he thought our love was real, he also gave us 3 beignets on the house! I guess good things do come in small (styrofoam) packages...

The next day we woke up early and headed to Back In The Day Bakery for their to die for Saturday-morning-only cinnamon rolls (also amazing: their bacon + onion jam panini). This place is so good that Paula Deen's tour bus comes through Thursday-Saturday morning to tourist-ify the shop and consume all the southern goodness that is bursting out these doors. There was enough sugar in our breakfast to get us geared to go back to the mall to look at the rings we narrowed down. It only took us an hour to find and pick out our rings! I guess I actually do have to marry him now...

The Millers got married!

In the late afternoon, we headed to Isle of Hope UMC to see Matt & Lindsay get murried! Then we headed to the reception and had a grand ol' time celebrating and dancing the night away. Congratulations to the newly weds, hope you're enjoying the honeymoon!

As if the weekend wasn't packed with enough excitement, I awoke in a fright on Sunday morning to the most terrifying burst of thunder I have ever heard in my 24 years of life. Then I realized I was hours away from leaving the one I loved yet again, to return to the frozen tundra that is Maryland and our long-distance relationship.

Good news? I'm 1 (uno, ONE!) round-trip visit way from moving to Savannah for good, and I'm 96 days from saying "I do" to the most handsome man in all the land. Ahhhhhh!!!!

February 14, 2012

I heart you!

My appreciation for valentines day began the first time I received a candy heart...and it ended immediately after I ate one. Worst candy ever made award goes to those chalk pieces sold on Feb. 14th.

A day dedicated to loving your loved ones? Pshhh -- that's the sissy way of doing things. You wanna be totally boss? Celebrate valentines day every. day. That's how I roll, and it's not hard to love every day when you got this to love every day:

Hope you all have valentines that make you laugh!

February 10, 2012


Instead of blogging, I've been living. And by living, I mean:

Shoveling snow and ice on the weekends.

Having lived in Maryland since 8th grade, I am used to snow. "Used to snow" = if it doesn't snow enough, I'm upset. Especially now that I work at a school, I pray harder for snow days than I do anything else in my life. Not really, but yes.

Remembering that I'm a student and realizing I have reading to do.

All my memories of psych research classes in undergrad and research methods last year come flooding back, and I have learned that even purple colored highlighters don't make these readings any more interesting.

Working at a school where sick children yell in my face and consequently get me sick too.

My internship/free labor services have resulted in contracting the awful school-flu bug. I seem to have sweated out the chills and the runny nose, but have this lingering, disgusting cough. In the last week alone, I have consumed my weight in honey lemon cough drops. Now I'm afraid I'm faking a cough just so I can seek familiar relief from these little soothing saviors.

Painting & Creating.

Spring Chicken Spring was done for my beautiful and wonderfully talented friend Cait. If any of you are in Atlanta, her photography is being showcased (!!) at Indie-Pendent! The other "painting" was done on a whim one Sunday afternoon because I was avoiding school work and rediscovering my love for water color. True story: I spent all my tip money on water colors and paint brushes. Who am I?!

All this to say -- my life is crazy and different every day. The older I get, the more I realize that I have so many roles and they change constantly depending on my list of to-dos or my mood. However, what I have come to appreciate is that I am discovering that I am different every day, but still the same. I have been created to do so much more than I can imagine, and it is evident in my current life-state (student, social worker, wine-shop cashier/cheese plate maker, artist).

What have you discovered about yourself lately? What things have been nice to find out about yourself and what you've been created to do?