February 10, 2012


Instead of blogging, I've been living. And by living, I mean:

Shoveling snow and ice on the weekends.

Having lived in Maryland since 8th grade, I am used to snow. "Used to snow" = if it doesn't snow enough, I'm upset. Especially now that I work at a school, I pray harder for snow days than I do anything else in my life. Not really, but yes.

Remembering that I'm a student and realizing I have reading to do.

All my memories of psych research classes in undergrad and research methods last year come flooding back, and I have learned that even purple colored highlighters don't make these readings any more interesting.

Working at a school where sick children yell in my face and consequently get me sick too.

My internship/free labor services have resulted in contracting the awful school-flu bug. I seem to have sweated out the chills and the runny nose, but have this lingering, disgusting cough. In the last week alone, I have consumed my weight in honey lemon cough drops. Now I'm afraid I'm faking a cough just so I can seek familiar relief from these little soothing saviors.

Painting & Creating.

Spring Chicken Spring was done for my beautiful and wonderfully talented friend Cait. If any of you are in Atlanta, her photography is being showcased (!!) at Indie-Pendent! The other "painting" was done on a whim one Sunday afternoon because I was avoiding school work and rediscovering my love for water color. True story: I spent all my tip money on water colors and paint brushes. Who am I?!

All this to say -- my life is crazy and different every day. The older I get, the more I realize that I have so many roles and they change constantly depending on my list of to-dos or my mood. However, what I have come to appreciate is that I am discovering that I am different every day, but still the same. I have been created to do so much more than I can imagine, and it is evident in my current life-state (student, social worker, wine-shop cashier/cheese plate maker, artist).

What have you discovered about yourself lately? What things have been nice to find out about yourself and what you've been created to do?

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