December 28, 2011

South for the holidays

The fiance and I have been shuttling ourselves between Savannah & Bluffton for the holidays. It has been so nice to celebrate and spend time with the fiance's family. The last time I was in town to celebrate the holidays with them was Christmas of 2009.

It was a wonderful Christmas, filled with lots of love and laughter. It was a bittersweet Christmas, as we will be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family next year (Unspoken rule #2356 for young married couples: until you have children, you do your best to alternate holidays with your parents). Nevertheless, we enjoyed every minute we have been able to spend with family, and we are so very grateful to have special times like these to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Project Do: Merci!

Since I don't have the money to buy a tabletop press (yet), I started exploring other ways to make beautiful things. Enter: Speedball Speedy Carve & Block Printing kit. Best investment I have ever made, and it is so easy! The tools are easy to use, and Speedy Carve is easier to carve than the classic linoleum block. It has the same texture and softness as those pink erasers, so carving them is pretty simple. Since I don't consider myself to be ultra-artsy, I'm ok with the smooth texture and feel of speedy carve versus the wood texture of a linoleum block. You may find that you like block better; all I can tell you is that the block irritates the heck out of me and I usually find a way to injure myself when I use the linoleum.

In the spirit of Project Do, I made thank you cards out of this beautiful font I found online. I printed "merci" out in several sizes. I found a size that I thought fit my speedy carve block best. Then I outlined "merci" with pencil, and imprinted it onto the block by turning it over and rubbing my pencil outline into the block. I carved out all the parts contained within the pencil lines using my carving tools and voila! Got myself some ink and printed away. I need to work on my carving skills and get my work to be more rounded, but I am very pleased with my outcome.

This is only the beginning of my adventure with pseudo-block printing. As I prepare to get married and start budgeting myself, I want to do as many DIY things as possible. This carve can be re-used many times, in varying colors. Maybe one day I'll carve out a border around it and make something new out of something used! The possibilities are endless, and it's exciting.

December 2, 2011

Project Do: Sewing Kit

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of this lovely blog - "Project Do". This is my attempt at adding some DIY happiness to the blog! As the holidays approach, I cannot stop oogling at pinterest and getting inspired to do more DIY projects. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about making this season of giving a little bit more special, and included a DIY project of monogrammed kitchen towels.

About a week later, I decided to 'make' my very own sewing kit. After making the monogrammed towels, the basket of sewing stuff that I had inherited/borrowed from my mother tipped over and allllllllllll of the contents spewed out. I'm talking like thread unspooled, needles strewn across the floor and waiting to pounce on my bare feet. It was a near disaster.

Until! I realized I could do a DIY project I've been itching to do - sewing kits with mason jars! I first came across this idea while perusing Etsy. Then I found a how-to on Martha Stewart's website, and I had to try it!

I'm all about following directions...until I find out I don't have all the things the how-to tells me I need. So I improvise! Instead of batting, I used old socks. I took one sock, cut it in half, then rolled it into itself to make a pseudo ball. I also don't have a hot glue gun. I had a stapler! So I stapled the fabric, sock, and cardboard together. Almost included a few fingertips too.

I used the detachable jar lid and traced a circle onto the cardboard (this was the top of an old shoe box). Then I took that rolled up sock and placed it on top. Then I took/ripped off a sleeve of that lovely shirt (that I have hoarded since 2008/since I couldn't fit in it anymore, but couldn't give away because the fabric is beautiful) and stretched it over the sock and cardboard. Many staples later, I shoved this protruding sock-monster through the jar lid rim, and screwed it on top of the jar. It doesn't fit quite snug, only because the cardboard was thick. But I shoved the lid on and it stays shut!

I have named her Francis. She's sassy and fabulous.

I love it. She's beautiful. Have I sewed anything/used this since I made it? Nope. But she's there if I ever need her! What a great gal!