November 14, 2012

Decorating 'n stuff

I love to decorate. And I love crafting. Decorating with crafts? #brbdying

Seriously though, when I find a craft and pin it on my Pinterest board, my mind will not stop thinking about the craft until I do it.

So I went to doing! Here's the stuff I've been up to as of late:

So I love Goodwill. Not just because I can find amazing items for Halloween costumes, but because I can find jars and vases....and felted Christmas tree ornaments for a ridiculous price. I scoured Goodwills for months to collect milk glass vases and jars for my wedding for (at most) 50 cents a piece. These beauties happened to be marked .59 cents, but their blue tag was 50% off that day, so ended up getting 9 ornaments for a grand total of a bank-breaking $0.97. #booyah

These beauties are called acorns, and usually they are the bane of my husband's existence around this time of year. We have two huge trees that 'gift' us these little presents by a consistent drizzle of nuts hitting our grass-less ground. We try to mow the lawn, but these little fellas always manage to get chopped up and shot out...and embedded into the lawn-mower's shins (aka husband). Don't even get me started on the squirrels our yard attracts. Baxter probably has a forlorn blog out there somewhere about how he can never catch those pesky things...except for those three days a couple of a weeks ago where he successfully killed two squirrels. I channeled my inner squirrel and spent an afternoon picking the perfect little acorns for my fall-themed dinner table. I also pulled out our extra/unused 'redneck wine glasses' from our wedding and -- voila! A tablescape. I just need to find some candles to complete the look.

And finally! Look at what a girl can do with a hot glue gun, some twine, and pine cones collected in her neighborhood! Yes, I was that person on the side of the road on Saturday morning pretending to walk her dog. I brought Baxter along to make it look like it was normal for me to be stomping around pine straw to find the perfect pine cones (it kind of looks like I'm picking up his poop, right?...right?!?!).

The most addicting best part about crafting is that most of the time you save a whole lotta money and you can make your house look almost as cute as a Pottery Barn house (ok maybe not really, it's all in the imagination!). I always feel happy when I'm crafting, and the finished product always inspire me to keep crafting. Maybe it'll inspire you to start crafting too!

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