November 5, 2012



One: Went to a wedding, had fun as always. Danced my feet off to Gangnam Style and repped the Asian community.

Dos: Took the high schoolers on a mystery trip to Six Flags and rode rollercoasters until I felt like puking. Held my husband's hand when we rode Goliath and almost died laughing at his screams of excitement screams for help.

Trois: Did the expected thing this Halloween and dressed up like Psy.

4: Ran my second half marathon and barely survived. Thought I was going to die, but had a friend (and runner extraordinare) run and pace the last 5 miles with me. Best part of the race? The time I danced to Gangnam Style after several bystanders were poorly doing it right before I crossed the finish line. #represent

Seems to be a lot of Psy in my life...
I'm ok with that.

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