September 27, 2012

Wait, what?

When we moved into our house in March, we kept hearing a sound that was reminiscent of Kevin from Pixar's "Up" calling from the depths of the beautiful oak trees overhead. Then a couple weeks later, I saw this video of a man interrupting Webb Simpson's interview from the US Open and I was like "How is Kevin at the US Open?!"

Our dog Baxter was driving us crazy running back and forth in the backyard barking at an invisible animal living up in the trees. Every time I went out to look, I saw nothing.

...until I saw it.

Standing in all it's colorful glory, was a peacock.


It was perched on the roof/chimney of my neighbor's house that we share a backyard with. And there was Baxter, barking until he had no bark left in him, at this strange animal living in our neighborhood.

Our neighbor informed us recently that there used to be a farm near our house with peacocks that went 'out of business' (explain that one) and let all the animals lose.

So now, every once in a while, as I leave for work in the early AM, I get escorted out of my neighborhood by a beautiful bird whose calls lull me to sleep at night.

The end.


  1. Don't they sound so weird? I saw one on the side of a highway once...that was crazy.