September 4, 2012

Labor (less) Day/Weekend

Labor Day weekend, oh how I loved you!

I literally spent the weekend doing nothing and everything at. the. same. time. Impossible, you ask? Not so! Just look at all the things I didn't not do this weekend:

Baxter was a little jealous
First of all, I ate a lot of really good breakfasts cooked by my awesome husband.

Then we went to the beach and the husband got sunburned.

Kale chips, buffalo chicken dip, guacamole
Then we watched college football, I made tasty snacks, and we had a surprise visit from a good friend.

Crabs, country captain, kabobs, and 3 different key lime pies (!)

Then we went home to Bluffton and had too much fun eating and hanging out. And jumping off docks.

...and my best friend farmer Cait came for the weekend...and we shopped non-stop at the outlet mall for 3 hours straight.

Cleaning our bounty of crab
...and I learned how to crab using a hand line.We were all muddy and I almost got stuck, so I have no photos of the crabbing experience. But it was sooooo awesome!

...and I woke up really early and went shrimping. We didn't catch anything, but I learned how to cast a net!

The most laborious thing I did this weekend were: dressing myself, eating crabs, trying on clothes, and resting so that my stomach could digest the feasts I consumed. Pretty sweet weekend, wouldn't you say?

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