March 19, 2012


If there's one thing you need to know about the fiance, it's this: I am not his first love. Mutemath is.

Don't believe me? One time I tweeted about his love for them and how his love for Mutemath > his love for me, and they awarded me a signed poster. To give to him. And consequently increase his obsession to infinity. Wish I was kidding.

In 2009 the fiance (at the time just my co-worker) convinced me to see what this band was all about. We made a pilgrimage to The Tabernacle and I have to admit; Mutemath was everything my fiance raved about, and more. I was so enamored by them that I willingly stood outside of their tour bus for hours after the show to meet them and have my Converses signed. Still wish I was kidding.

Then in 2010 we saw Mutemath back-to-back in two evenings. I went from a girl who never knew who Mutemath was to a girl who screams with excitement when Darren King duct tapes his headphones to his head. Can't kid anymore, this is all true.

Then, yesterday, on our one-year anniversary of our engagement, I gifted the fiance with a belated birthday present -- to see his beloved band at The Tabernacle again for their last show of their tour. Our faces melted, I had confetti fly out of my clothes when I changed after the concert hours later, and my ears were still ringing this morning.

This is what a face of sheer amazement/confusion looks like

Mutemath, thanks for the memories.

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