July 19, 2011


If there was a fire, and in our house lived me, our things, and the band members of Mutemath...I could be the one left behind. My fiance has loved Mutemath since his ears learned what sound was and has successfully sucked me into the life of synth and crazy drumming a la Darren King.

This is us circa 2009 with lead singer Paul Meany & Darren King, my fiance's first love.
(Please notice how big his smile is)

Yesterday Mutemath released their new single/music video and updated their website. On their website, Mutemath encourages its loyalest fans to remix their single and to submit it to a contest to win stuff. Being the awesome fiance that I am, I surprised my love when he came home from work by being the one to unveil the newly released music video and contest.

Little did I know I would later regret this decision.

The fiance hunched over concentrating like a caveman figuring out how to light his first fire

A download of a mixing program and a lot of hours later, I have created a monster.

(Mutemath - if you're reading this - if my fiance actually does submit a remix, he just wants to win 2nd prize for the signed vintage snare drum.)

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