November 4, 2011


The fiance has always found ways of saying words/calling people weird names a la Peter Klaven from the movie "I Love You, Man". It's both awkward and super cute. Don't believe me?

My name is Jocelyn. It was shorted to Jocey. Then it turned into Yosse - in what my fiance calls a "soft y". Then it cocooned itself and morphed into Yossigans. Then it got rhymed with "shenanigans" and voila - a blog url was born.

I am also known to the fiance as: lotus flower, fortune cookie, yellow panda...and my all-time fave, snags. The first three have something to do with my ethnicity, and the last one refers to the snaggle front-tooth I have been sporting since birth. My fiance is considerate and kind.

The fiance's nickname is Rounds. He has a cousin whose child's name is Loundes. She once bit him square on the butt cheek circa Thanksgiving 2009. I became fascinated with rich, Southern family names, and "Rounds" just rhymed and had something to do with his...round-ish midsection that I love dearly. And that's where my creativity stopped. No more nicknames from me.

Nicknames are funny and strange...but more strange than funny in our case. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have forgotten the fiance's real name.

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