August 27, 2011

I'm all shook up

The summer is officially over, and the fiance has gone back to being that guy I see for the holidays. Consequently, I've transformed back into an 80-year-old woman trapped in a 24-year-old's body, going to bed early, spending the day reading & doing crafty DIY things to pass the time.

However, in light of this week's events, I decided I deserved to have some fun before I had to "hunker" down and prepare for the hurricane that is the next 9 months of my life; full-time school, full-time work/internship, part-time wedding planning.

Thus, no 5.8 earthquake or some swirly thing named Irene could keep me from getting myself dizzy and off a theme park!

Thanks to the earthquake & impeding doom from Irene, there was hardly anyone at the park. My friend & I were able to ride all the rides without any lines. Huzzah!

I thought twice about riding this, as I recalled the ground shaking and shifting 3 days prior. Turned out to be the best ride all day.

I felt bad going to KD without the fiance, but then I recalled our trip to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure where he felt like this after every ride:
That's when I realized I'll be the fun parent whenever we go to a theme park!

(With our relationship being long distance, I'm beginning to think that this blog may be as much about our separate-ness as our together-ness. At least for the next 9 months.)

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