July 11, 2012


True Life: I am a Lee*

Hey...when did it become July?! I've been unemployed for two months now (woohoo!) and have appreciatively embraced the role of "stay-at-home" without the 'mom' part (unless you count my first born, Baxter). I am learning that patience means "waiting without complaining" (see above photo), and that maybe - just maybe - this time of 'nothing' is really for me to do 'something' with my free time (and a lot of it!). Through many conversations with dear friends, this summer has been affectionately called "the summer of thoughts", where I am left to my own vices and my own times of quiet to calm my heart, tune my heart, and stay open and aware of where God leads me every day.

Sometimes it means I get the opportunity to bless my husband with delicious home-cooked food, or to simply enjoy his presence! We had been separated for three weeks, and now we're reunited (and it feels so good).
Sometimes it means I can paint my nails pastel colors and wear fun, bright-colored shorts just for funsies. Or it means I have time to slowly ease back into the world of academia and crack open those books for my impending doom licensure exam.

How fortunate am I that I have a husband who loves me, a house over our heads, a place to call home, and God who redeems me everyday! What a great lesson to learn during this season of waiting!

*"TrueLife: I am a Lee" backstory: My husband's life has always been filled with times where things consistently don't work out the right way the first, second, or third time. Usually it involves freak accidents, strange periods of circumstantial events that cause delays, forgetfulness, and the disappearance of important documents, conversations, bills, etc. I was warned that I would be inheriting this 'gift' when I married into the family. I wasn't sure if I believed all this pish-posh...until it started happening to me too. I've had to send my transcript four times to the same place because it keeps getting lost/misplaced/printed out wrong. Our debit cards took 4 weeks to get to us when it should have taken 1. Our oven keeps shutting off due to a faulty temperature sensor, and we've already fixed it once. Our fridge needed 'de-icing' and 'de-clogging'...our appliance fixer-man used a hairdryer. What I have learned as a Lee - the Lord has a great sense of humor, and thankfully has given us an appreciation for his humor too! Patience...waiting through life without complaining. Now that's #truelife


  1. Your food looks amazing. I will have to visit! :)

    1. Please do! We would love to have you two for a visit down South and catch up over ALL the years we've been apart!!