June 29, 2012


Remember my obsession with instagram? Well my friends are obsessed too. Which means I get to do a wedding photo post filled with instagrammed photos taken at my absolutely fabulous wedding!!

Entry-way decor

The awesome beverage napkins my mother-in-law found!

Bikes, bikes, bikes! (WAIT until you see the bike tire chandeliers!!)

The happy boaters who honked and waved and shouted in joy from the river at the discovery of our wedding

Two of the awesomest people in all the world

Finger-print guestbook, complete with tandem bike theme! (Shout out to PERSONALIZEDprints on Etsy!)

Dancing our way down the aisle and through life!

It was so much fun to see all these photos on our honeymoon. Look out for a 'real' wedding photo post soon! (We got the web-link earlier this week, waiting anxiously patiently for the dvd to arrive in the mail!!

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